Fantasy wineshops and other weird places to visit

Aussie wine and spirits producer Fantasy wineshop owners have set up a website in an effort to help their customers enjoy the best wines on the market.

The website is called, and offers advice on finding and getting a winery license in Australia.

“If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us via our support page or email at [email protected]

FantasyWinshops is run by two Australian brothers and one New Zealander.

The site’s website says the site was founded by a group of “wine lovers and wine professionals” who “want to make it easier for you to find the best wine in Australia”.

The website’s aim is to give people “access to the most amazing wines, wines from around the world and the best prices”, and to help people find a wineries license.

It also offers “free wine tastings and tasting tours” through the site.

“It is very important to note that the website is not endorsed by FantasyWineries.

It is purely a work of fun,” it says.

The first FantasyWills, a website for wine and food bloggers, was launched in 2014.

Its owner, Jason Farrar, told the ABC it had “been a fun and creative project”.

“It was fun to be part of the wine scene and I was getting a lot of feedback on it.

We were finding more and more of our customers were getting into the industry, and we just wanted to provide a place where people could be involved and be able to learn more about what they were buying,” he said.

Mr Farrars is now behind the website, and he said he wanted to help wineries.

“We’re just like anyone else in the industry.

We love what we do and we know what we’re doing,” he told the BBC.

“There are so many other things we want to do in this industry that are not directly related to wine, but we love it.”

The FantasyWinery site says the website was created in response to a growing demand for wine advice, and is a good place to start.

“When we started this, we were kind of trying to help those who were looking for advice about wine,” Mr Fars said.

“So that’s why we’ve put together this website, so we can provide people with the knowledge that they need to make informed decisions when buying their first bottle of wine.”

Fantasy Wineshops’ website is the second in a series of WineFarms, and also offers a guide to finding the best wineries in Australia, as well as wine tasting tours.


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