How to Celebrate Wine Week: Montalcini in Sonoma, Sonoma County

Montalcias winery and vineyard in Sonomac County will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and the celebration is getting a little more personal.

We caught up with the owner of the Montalca, Sam Calagione, and got to know the family behind the award-winning wine.

Watch the full video above.

Follow our Sonoma Wine Week coverage on Instagram:Sonoma Wine week is coming to a close, and with it, we’re giving you our best wine tasting guide for the year.

You’re in for a treat with this list of the best wine tastings in the Bay Area.

We have a few favorites and the rest are some of the most interesting and fun things to do.

If you’re interested in joining in on this year’s celebrations, you can do so here.

We’re also kicking off the Wine Week celebration on Tuesday, June 18, with a full-day of tastings and events.

Sonoma wine week celebrates the best wines of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

We’ve compiled our picks for the best wineries, and you can check them out right here.

Check out the other highlights from Wine Week in the gallery below:Sonomac Wine Week is happening on Tuesday through Sunday in Sonomas wine country, so we suggest stopping by one of the locations below to sample some of our favorites.

The Montalcas winery is celebrating its tenth anniversary this month.

Here’s how it’s doing.

Sonoma County is the birthplace of the wine country.

Here are some highlights of the region.

Sonomascots winery, which opened in 2005, is a family-owned winery that specializes in wines from around the region and beyond, with wineries from Sonoma to Sonoma Country.

The Sonomascot family owns the winery as well as the Winery in the Woods, which is a winery located in Napa County, California.

The Napa Wine Festival celebrates wine culture, with an annual Wine Festival held at the Napa River in Napas Valley.

Napa is also home to Napa Valley Winery, a wine region that is a mix of California, Oregon, Washington and Oregon, all with the goal of making the best possible wine.

Sonomas Wine Week celebrates the wines of Sonoma’s wine country and beyond with a variety of events and tastings.

If you like wine, you might enjoy visiting Sonoma Winery and Wine Festival.

Sonoma is also the home of the Napalot Wine Festival, which takes place annually.

Sonocos Wine Week celebrations begin in early June, with wine tasters from around Sonoma and surrounding areas.

This year, the festival includes a three-day tasting series that showcases wines from Napa, Sonomakos, Sonos, and Sonoma.

You can learn more about the Sonoma winery at the wineries website, or you can find more information on how to join in on Wine Week at the Sonomashan Wine Week Facebook event page.

Sonalcinis winery has been one of our favorite Sonoma wines for a long time, and it’s celebrating its fifth anniversary this June.

Here’s how the winemakers is doing.

You can check out the winemaker’s site for more details on the win, and there are also events taking place throughout the month of June.

Sonopan wines are also coming to Sonomas wine country this year.

This is where the wines are made, so you can get a taste of the wines before they hit the shelves.

Sonora Winery is a regional winery in Sonora, California, which was started in 1869.

This winery focuses on a variety in the wine world, including Sonoma Valley, Sonopano, and Chihuahuan Valley.

The Sonopan Wine Festival was started to honor the culture and traditions of Sonora and Sonomos wine region.

It features wines from Sonora Valley, Chihuascot Valley, and Napa.


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