Which is the best place to watch a film in Montalcinos wine-country?

A couple of days ago, I spent some time in Montals wine-growing region of Tromso, in the Alps.

I was in a very quiet wine-producing area, a place I’d only visited once before, and I was looking forward to the weekend.

However, on Sunday afternoon I started to notice that I’d started to feel a bit sick.

It wasn’t the flu or anything, but the symptoms were quite similar to the one that had plagued me the previous night, which was a mild headache.

I didn’t have much time to check my email, so I was feeling very ill.

Then I realised that I had not had the flu, which seemed odd given that I have had it since March.

But what was I going to do?

There are a number of options available to me, including taking a tram, taking the metro or driving, but all of these have their drawbacks.

I chose the metro option, which is a bit more complicated.

You have to have a metro ticket, which you can buy online.

There is also a bus that you can take, but that isn’t much of a option in the summer months.

There are also a number other options, such as a taxi, which costs between €1.50 and €2.00 a ride, depending on where you are.

There’s also a ferry that costs €8 a ride.

This option would probably be cheaper than taking the tram, but in my case I wanted to explore the wine region in my own way, so the metro seemed to me the best option.

I did find a place to buy a tram ticket and I bought it at the supermarket in Troms.

After taking the bus for a couple of kilometres, I took the metro to Montalca, where I boarded a bus and made my way to the wine-growers market, where we met the hostess and took some pictures of the vineyards.

I noticed that she was quite shy and polite about the whole thing, which I appreciated.

When I got to the market, I saw a group of people sitting around, so we sat down in the back and got to chatting.

The hostess seemed to be quite surprised by my visit and I explained the situation to her.

I also told her about my experience with the flu and how it was affecting my health.

She seemed to understand and was happy to help.

The first thing she asked me was why I wanted the tour.

I told her that I was travelling with my daughter and that my daughter had just started to experience flu symptoms, so it was important to be able to share what was going on with her.

The next thing I asked was how long I would be there, and she replied that it was unlikely that I would stay more than an hour.

That was very reassuring.

I asked her if she was willing to let me go at the end of the tour, so that I could finish the tour in person.

I said that I didn and that I couldn’t go on the tour with her, but I would still like to meet her.

She said that that was fine and I could come back later on the day.

She also said that she would be happy to show me around the area again.

That evening, I left the metro station and went to the vineyard.

There were around 25 people around, including a couple people who I recognised from my previous visit, so my visit was not completely random.

It’s hard to know if this is the first time someone has actually gone there.

There was also another group of friends from my own hometown, so this group of locals was also there.

We sat at a table in the middle of the table and she showed me around.

I found the area to be very nice, with the view of the wine grower’s house and the surrounding area.

As I was walking around, I realised I could hear people walking around the vine-yards and I thought that it would be good to get to know them a bit better.

The wine growers were very nice and seemed very happy to meet me.

After a few minutes of chatting, we decided that we should take a short walk together, to get some pictures.

After walking for about 20 minutes, we made our way back to the metro, which took us around half a kilometre.

I went into the wine bar, and the hostesses friend suggested that I should ask for a wine and take some pictures with her as well.

I took a sip of my glass and noticed that I wasn’t feeling any better.

I then decided to go to the tram station, where there were more people and a tram stop was located in front of the tram.

I got on the tram and waited for the train.

There wasn’t a tram station nearby, so instead I sat in the car for about 10 minutes, taking pictures of myself and the others in


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