Why you should stop buying wines from Leo Hillinger: Wine store owner says he’ll close, not reopen 24th February 2018 by Sam Williams-Williams

A wine shop in south London’s fashionable Brixton neighbourhood is closing its doors as the owner says it’s time to focus on his business.

Leo Hillingers, who started his own business in 2005, is one of Britain’s oldest wine shops and he has been running it for 40 years.

The shop at 17 Brixton Street, which sells wines from France and Italy, had been closed for about three months.

His owners said the owners would need to spend a considerable amount of money to make a profitable business, with the help of a small team of staff.

Mr Hillinger said he would need more time to complete his plan to close.

“I have had a lot of people coming to me with the idea to move away and do something different,” he said.

He said he had not been able to secure funding for his store because of the closure.

One of his employees, who asked not to be named, said he wanted to start another business in London and Mr Hillinger was open to that idea.

But Mr Hillings family, which includes his father, and the landlord, said they had been looking at his business for about five years.

The owner, a 70-year-old man, said: “I’m very excited about the opportunity to start something new and expand the business and expand on the wines I’ve grown over the years.”

The news of his closing came as a wave of violence swept through London in recent weeks.

More than 80 people have been killed and thousands more injured since the summer.

Police are investigating dozens of deaths and have also said they are looking into several attacks.

Some of the violence has involved petrol bombs, including one in May that killed four people in the East End.

A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police said a team was in the Brixton area on Thursday afternoon investigating a bomb threat.

‘Dismantling of the store’ The shop’s owner, who has not been named, did not respond to a request for comment from CNN.

His owners plan to sell some of the wine they sell, but he said they would be shutting down after about three weeks.

“We will not be selling any of the products anymore, as we’ve had so many requests to sell them,” he told the BBC.

What is wine?

Wine is a type of alcoholic drink made from grapes, grapes that are harvested by hand in the vineyards of France and elsewhere.

Wine is typically aged for six to nine months, depending on the grapes and the type of wine it contains.

The name wine derives from the Latin word for “wine” and was coined in the 19th century.

Why is it important to shop in London?

London is one the biggest wine markets in the world.

Wine has become a mainstay of the British tourist economy, with about 40 million people visiting London every year.


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