New York wine store to reopen this fall

New York City’s wine market is on track to reopen for the first time in nearly two years after it was closed by the New York Wine & More store.

The upscale boutique will reopen this October as a part of the NYC Wine &More chain of stores, and is the first New York store to do so in the past decade.

The New York Store, which opened in 2009, is located in the Fashion District, which is now a neighborhood of upscale shops and restaurants.

A few hundred customers a day used to work at the Manhattan store.

According to the NYC Times, the store had closed its doors for about two years due to financial difficulties, but it reopened in October with a renewed focus on the retail side of the business.

The store now offers a selection of wines, but not necessarily those made in the city.

The opening of the store, which has a small wine bar, will also help the retail industry, the Times reports.

“We’re not just a wine shop, we’re a place to connect with people from all walks of life,” NY Wine &more owner Dan Breen told the Times.

Breen and his partner, Tom Rieckhoff, had been looking for a new location to open up a wine store, and were able to find the right location in the New Yorker neighborhood.

“It’s a neighborhood with a large amount of restaurants, and we really felt like this was a perfect spot,” Breen said.

“Our vision is to be a wine retailer, but also a destination, a destination to the people that live in the neighborhood.”

Ito and co-owner David Siegel, who started the New Jersey-based company in 2011, opened the first NYC store in 2005.

New York Times writer Benoit Lefebvre visited the store to find out more about the opening.

The restaurant is expected to offer a menu of both traditional and artisanal wine, along with beer and spirits.

Ito told Lefechre that the New Yorkers have a lot to be proud of, and that they have “one of the most diverse wine communities in the world.”

According to a NY Times article about the store: “Ito and Siegel have been serving up their signature New York-style pizzas and cocktails for nearly five years, and they’ve always wanted to reopen the New England market to serve New Yorkers.”

They also want to offer the customers “a unique, fresh, and contemporary experience that makes them feel like they’re dining at a different restaurant.”


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