How to make the perfect sliver wine from the sliver farm at Jasper’s Jules Rimland farm

A perfect slivers wine, as we know it, would be made from a mixture of grapes, berries, apples, grapes and applesauce, and a touch of red wine vinegar.

But for Jasper’s Sliver Farm, who produce some of the most unique slivers in the world, it’s a blend of all three.

“I’ve been working at the farm for 25 years, and I’ve always wanted to grow and harvest these beautiful slivers, but it’s always been about making the best tasting slivers possible,” Jasper says.

“But now that I’ve been in the industry for 25-years, I’ve seen what’s possible.”

Now, we’re in the process of getting a small farm up and running, which we hope to have up and operational in the next few months.

“So, why would you want to grow slivers?

There’s something about them, and their sweetness, which you can taste as they ripen. “

They produce a very different flavour to other wines,” he says.

“There’s something about them, and their sweetness, which you can taste as they ripen.

You can get a lot more of the fruit than any other type of wine, because of the sweetness.”

According to Jasper’s farm manager, Michael Stirling, the best thing about slivers is that they’re “so easy to grow”.

“You can grow them, harvest them, transport them, ship them around, it really does take only a couple of days to start growing them, but then they’re easy to work with and it takes just as long to harvest them,” he explains.

“It’s a very small farm so you’re getting your first slivers before they’re fully ripened.”

If you’re keen to get your hands on a few slivers to enjoy, Jasper’s website has an array of sliver wines for sale.

“You’ll also find some really special wine to sample that has been specially blended with special slivers,” Stirling says.


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