How to Buy Wine from Denner’s Wine Shop

The Denner Wine Shop in the Westfield shopping mall in Copenhagen is now open.

It has been open for almost three years.

This is the first time that the restaurant has opened outside Copenhagen.

The restaurant was closed down in 2010 for financial reasons, but has recently reopened.

Denner Wine shop has become a major attraction in Copenhagen, with a number of Danish brands being stocked in the restaurant.

Denners owner, Janus Tynsdorp, says that the owners are trying to open a restaurant that can compete with the likes of Lidl, which is owned by Lidls parent company, Vattenfall.

The owner of Denners is also trying to convince his customers to stop buying wine in the store and to use the food service instead.

Tynsdorp said that Denners customers can enjoy the food and drink in the shop and get more information on wines, spirits, and beer.

The Denners restaurant has also been opening a number the new wine cellar.

There are also some new and rare wines that were created for the restaurant and sold by the store.

According to the website, the restaurant also has wine bars, a coffee shop, a wine bar, a bar for guests and the wine cellar with rare wines and vintages.

There is also a beer garden.

The menu of wines and spirits at the restaurant includes a variety of beers, such as red and white, white wine, red-barrel beer, Belgian-style lagers, and some wines with a special flavor profile.

The Denners wine shop is located at 3-6 Københavnstrasse, Copenhagen, Denmark.

[Photo: Vattenfalen /]More stories from Denmark:Danish wine shop sells wine, spirits to touristsDenner sells rare and unusual winesDenner wine shop offers premium wine selectionDenner is one of the biggest names in Danish wine, but in the past few years the restaurant owner has been opening up more and more wine and spirits shops in Denmark.

The company started by selling wine to visitors and locals in 2011, and has since grown to become a popular destination for tourists to sample wine.

The company started in 2007 and opened up in 2012.

Now it has over 20 stores in Denmark, with about a dozen locations, but the company only opened one in Copenhagen last year.

The first store opened in 2014 in the suburb of Aalborg.

Denne was founded in 2010 by Janus and his wife.

He said that he had always wanted to open up a restaurant in Denmark and had the idea of having an authentic Danish restaurant.

The idea for the Denner Restaurant was inspired by the idea that there are people who are not normally happy with their lives, but there are many who are.

He started to think about opening a restaurant, but it is hard to find the right venue because the restaurants in Denmark are quite small.

I always thought about the food.

And I wanted to be able to offer something that is special.

He added that the food is not really a product of the food, but rather is an experience for the guests.

The wine cellar is a large wine cellar which is decorated with paintings of Danish art.

The wine cellar can hold up to 4,000 bottles.

The bottles are sealed and then stored for up to 15 years.

The owner said that it is possible to buy a bottle of wine at the Denners, and that he would not charge for the wine, only the food that was served at the restaurants.

He also said that the wine is not cheap.

The average price for a bottle at Denner is €6.99.


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