How to make the perfect grapefruit beer in Coachella – WinePress

It’s the kind of moment you would expect from someone who’s been working in the wine industry for 20 years, or even decades.

For Michael Ollison, a longtime winemaker at the popular vineyards of Coachellas West and East Hills, the festival was the perfect opportunity to get the job done and prove to himself and to others that he can make his wine more flavorful and enjoyable in a way that no one else could.

Ollisons winemaking has always been a passion for him, but it became even more so after his first winery, The Ollies, was bought by an international wine producer who plans to turn the winery into a wine and beer destination. 

Ollison and his wife, Jill, have a reputation for making the best wine in the world. 

They were in the process of purchasing a winery in the early 1990s when they met and fell in love with another winemaker named Michael. 

“I was like, ‘This is what I’m going to do, this is my dream job,'” Ollickson said. 

After meeting and spending time together, Ollissons wife Jill convinced him to get into wine making and he began making his own wines in 2003.

The couple’s winery now has more than 60 wineries across the country and they’re still making a few more. 

It was only last year that they purchased a new winery and began producing wine in a new facility in Santa Barbara, Calif. 

The Ollys, who were originally from New Zealand, have grown to be one of the largest winemakers in the United States, producing some of the best-tasting wines in the country.

Orellisons wine is now sold in more than 70 countries and sold in over 200 grocery stores. 

In an effort to show off their wine making, OLLISSON and his team recently had a taste of some of their most popular products from the Coacheller festival, such as a sparkling wine called The Ollo and the Coachella’s signature sparkling beer, the Golden Ale. 

There’s a new beer in the pipeline and Ollisons wine, the Ollias Pale Ale, is going to be a big part of that beer, Oellison said.

“The Pale Ale is not a beer that we can make in a bottle,” Ollions wife said.

“It is a beer we can get in the taproom and have people drink.

We’re trying to create a beer where people can taste it.”

Ollies Pale Ale will be available for purchase at all of the wineries in the U.S. and the world during the festival.

OLLISON said that it is currently being made in a glass at The Olli’s new production facility and will be bottled at a lower alcohol level to make it a bit less intimidating to people who don’t like a beer with a lot of hops. 

As the winemaker prepares to open The Olla’s new wineries, Olliisons family is still trying to figure out how to make their own beer, though. 

He said that while there are some wines that he’s personally tried, he’s not a big fan of some beers. 

But Ollisson said that he is a big supporter of the festival because he wants to give back to the community and to the world that he loves. 

We’re doing this for people who love the grapes and the grapes love us, he said.


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