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  • High class resort in Yercaud
  • 1500mts above from sea level
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Green Berry Resort

High class resort in Yercaud

1500mts above sea level, on the Shevaroy ranges of Tamil Nadu, lies a pastoral hill retreat of rare splendour Yercaud, a perfect get-away to relax, experience serenity and rejuvenate. The colonial style bungalow has been renovated to include modern amenities, however preserving its uniqueness.

The resort located amidst serene surroundings, has a dramatic view of the hills descending on to the plains. The architecture is very much in keeping with the languid grace of the surroundings and the resort is equipped with every amenity

Green berry resort is a Savour time & space, and discover an exceptional level of peaceful privacy & stylish comfort in Yercaud - unforgettable holiday bliss for you and your partner, or a remarkable destination for a small group holiday, for friends & family.

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  • Peak Season

    March–June (Climate High 14°C, Low 4°C) Summer Festival is held during the middle of May, when the annual festival of Lord Servaroyan, presiding deity of the Shevaroy Hills, takes place. There is a 7-day exhibition of flower shows, dog shows, boating races and a village fair.
  • Low Season

    Feb-March (Climate High 11°C, Low -7°C) we organize trekking and Trekking events during this period in co-ordination with Chennai trekkers. Contact us for details.
  • Low Season

    July–September (Climate High 19°C, Low 11°C)Winters are fairly mild, starting in September and ending in December. During winter, the hills are covered in mist. Enjoy the panoramic view covered with mist.
  • Second Season

    October–February (Climate High 11°C, Low -6°C)Enjoy a bath at 90-foot (27 m)-high waterfall . Special Christmas celebrations and New Year events held. Bonfire : Any night is a good night to have fun with Bonfire at Greenberryresort. We promise you a never forgettable experience with Bonfire in subtle rainforest ambience at night time with Crickets, insects, distant frogs.

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